Goddess Pose – Utkata Konasana
(oot-KAH-tuh cone-AHS-uh-nuh)

Utkata = fierce
Kona = angle
Asana = posture

How to do

– Legs in a wider angle with feet turned out at about a 45 degree angle
– Elbows bent at shoulder height, pressing back and palms facing each other
– As you exhale bend the knees over the ankles squatting down with torso straight
– Shoulders back and down with chest open
– Look straight ahead with the chin parallel to the floor.


– Stretches your hips, groins and chest
– Tones the core muscles
– Strengthens the quadriceps and inner thigh muscles
– Strengthens the shoulders, arms and upper back


-Chronic or recent injury to the hips, legs or shoulders

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