Gate Pose – Parighasana

Parigha = An iron bar or beam used for locking or shutting a gate
Asana = Posture

How to do

– Come into an upright kneeling position with the hips over the knees (Place a blanket under your knees if they are sensitive)
– Extend your right leg out to the side, keeping the knee and ankle in line with your right hip.
– Turn your right toes forward so that the right foot is parallel with your left leg.
– Inhale and reach the left arm next to the left ear.
– Exhale and stretch the left arm and side body to the right. Let your right arm come down and rest on your right leg.


– Stretches the intercostal muscles between the ribs
– Stretches and strengthens sides of body, wrists, arms and shoulders


– With any serious knee injury, perform the pose sitting on a chair