Five Pointed Star Pose

Five Pointed Star Pose – Utthita Tadasana
Oo-TEE-tah Tah-DAHS-anna

Utthita- Extended
Tada – Mountain
Asana- Posture

How to do

– Begin in Mountain Pose. Open feet wider than hip width apart.
– Raise your arms to the sides at shoulder height with the palms facing down.
– Keep your shoulders down and back and your chest open.
– Press your feet into the floor and tuck your tailbone.
– Inhale deeply and extend the crown of your head towards the ceiling.
– Look straight ahead of you with your chin parallel to the floor.
– Stretch out at your sides through your fingertips almost as if you are trying to touch the side walls.


– Tone leg muscles
– Eliminate stiffness in the hips and legs by stretching the muscles gently
– Relieves backache
– Aligns the spine
– Lengthens the entire body
– Opens up the chest

– Shoulder injury

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