Boat Pose in Chair- Paripurna Navasana
Par-ee-POOR-nah nah-VAHS-anna

Paripurna = Full, entire, complete
Nava = Boat
Asana = Posture

How to do

– Sit on the front edge of a chair with your knees bent
– Place your hands on the sides of the chair and lean back onto sitz bones and tail bone
– Make sure your back is straight as you draw your shoulder blades together to lift and open your chest
– Lift your feet off the floor, knees in toward chest and straighten out your legs


– Strengthens and stretches core muscles (abdominals, hip flexors and lower back)
– Improves balance
– Stretches hamstring muscles of the legs
– Aligns and stretches spine


– Recent or chronic injury to back or neck

Boat Pose -Paripurna Navasana
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